• Diseminácia Erasmus+ 2022/2023





          Erasmus+ 2022/2023 - anglické eseje

          • Work experience in Prague by Roman Bradiak

          As a 4-year-student at Business Academy I took part in an intership provided by our school within Erasmus+ programme. It took place in Prague and Wroclaw. I chose to go to Prague because it is a bigger city and in my opinion better place to work in. This intership lasted for 14 days, from 18th September to 1st October.

          I applied for the intership as a 3-year-student in June, before the school year ended. I had to create my own CV, 2 cover letters in the Slovak and English languages and I had to participate in an interview.

          We travelled to Prague by train. The journey took 7 hours, so it was a bit long and tiring. Despite that I was satisfied with means of transport, the seats were comfortable and the staff was very kind.

          In Prague we were accommodated in a 4-star-hotel called Wenceslas Square Hotel, situated in the center of Prague. The rooms were luxurious. I was very satisfied. In the hotel, we had breakfast and dinner and I like them as well.

          I worked in a hotel reception. I had a tutor who taught me everything necessary as a receptionist. My responsibilities were welcoming our guests, asking them to fill in registration cards so that we could put the information about them to programs. I collected city tax from them and I provided information about the place of their stay. I had a good relation with my tutor. She said to me that I was very gifted because I adapted very fast to new conditions.

          Pros of participating in this intership are that I gained new work experience. I practised speaking English with people from all around the world and practised working and communicating with people.

          I would recommend to take part in interships like this one because it is a good way to realize how it is in a real life, to live on your own, to be independent and to work in a foreign work environment.

          An Internship in Wroclaw by Natalia Fajtova
          I took part in the Erasmus+ project in Wroclaw. Our work experience took for 2 weeks as
          usual. We left on 18th September and we came back on1th October.

          I was chosen at an interview done by my school. I prepared for it and wrote documents such
          as a cover letter and CV in the Slovak and English languages. At this interview we spoke in a
          mother tongue – the Slovak language and then in two foreign languages which are taught in
          our school – the English and Russian languages. Some of my classmates learn the German
          language instead of Russian. The teachers had to assessed study results, a level of an
          interview as well as cover letters and CV. We received points for each part. Then we gott
          results and at the end I found out I had enough points to go to an internship in Poland.

          So our trip began in front of the school and we travelled by bus. It took for about 6-7 hours
          with breaks. If the bus was bigger, then i would be more satisfied with the means of transport,
          but i understand that it would be more expensive.

          In Wroclaw we were accommodated in apartments called Galeria Italiana. I considered this
          accommodation good. We had one apartment for 9 girls with 4 rooms, living room and
          kitchenette, so we had enough privacy.

          The food was delivered for us by delivery service. Breakfast was made by us. We had a lot of
          various foodstuff so we chose what we wanted and what we had an appetite for. The lunches
          were the worst because almost every day we had some sandwiches filled with ham, cheese,
          tomatoes and salat.

          I worked at a hotel which was 25 minutes from the accommodation on foot. It was a very big
          hotel divided into 2 parts. One part is arranged more for families with children and the second
          part is for business partners and meetings.

          My tutor was a woman and she was nice. We didn´t have so much conversation and talks but
          i didn´t mind. I found out that she liked our High Tatras.

          The pros of partitipating in an internship is that i could get better at my English speaking.
          I think I also got better at my relationship with other girls. We got closer.

          I would recommend this work experience to everybody. It´s good experience and opportunity
          to explore new country or to get better at English, widen personal skills or find out if you are
          able to work abroad and if you have enough skills to do all tasks at work.